"When we fail to acknowledge as part of reality the worth of a poor person, a human embryo, a person with disabilities – to offer just a few examples – it becomes difficult to hear the cry of nature itself; everything is connected. Once the human being declares independence from reality and behaves with absolute dominion, the very foundations of our life begin to crumble....”
Pope Francis
Laudato Si', #117



SERVICE: Taking Care of His Suffering Body

Cherishing the gift of the
human person

The dignity and beauty of the human person comes from the fact of the incarnation of God in the person of Christ. With the whole Church, St. Bartholomew parishioners have the privilege to recognize his image and likeness within the face of every person—from the moment of his or her conception until natural death. St. Bartholomew has a variety of ministries to support the weak and vulnerable persons in our midst:

Bartholomew House: Bartholomew House is part of Victory Housing, the non-profit development arm of the Archdiocese of Washington which has been deeply committed to providing quality housing and services for over two decades. Bartholomew House opens its doors to all qualified seniors without any limitation or discrimination. Staff encourages the residents to enjoy an independent lifestyle while receiving all the conveniences of home, from delicious home made meals to housekeeping services. Thus, the residents have more time to socialize, participate in recreational activities, or just read a favorite novel. The residents also enjoy peace of mind, knowing that when supportive services are needed, the caring staff members are there to assist them. You may reach Joe Hanle, Director, at 301-320-6151 or additional information is available at Victory Housing.

Arimithean Ministry:  The Arimatheans are a group of caring parishioners who volunteer their time to serve Mass at a Funeral or Memorial Service of a deceased parishioner. Currently there are about six participants and training is available. Why are these volunteers called Arimatheans? According to the Gospels, Joseph of Arimathea was the man who donated his own prepared tomb for the burial of Jesus after the Crucifixion.

Sick and Homebound:  When someone in your family, a close friend, or a neighbor is no longer able to come to Mass, a St. Bart's volunteer is available to bring the Holy Eucharist to a parishioner's home; and priests are ready to come to hear confessions and give the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. To make the necessary arrangements, please contact the Parish Office at 301-229-7933. An Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion will then schedule a convenient day and time to administer to needs of the infirm. If you have a special calling to offer pastoral care to the sick and homebound, this ministry is a way to respond. Currently, we have several Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who participate in this ministry. Some visit a parishioner for a short period of time while others may assist for an extended period.

Bethesda HouseThe Bethesda House, run by Catholic Charities, is located at 5320 Marinelli Rd., Rockville MD 20852. It provides an environment of safety and security within which 40 residents can become stabilized, engage in mental health services, and earn and practice life skills. St. Bartholomew Parish is committed to providing dinner on the third Tuesday of every month. Parishioners may drop off home-cooked or purchased meals at 6 P.M.  Parishioners do not stay to serve the meal.  Please contact Carol Bergin at 301-613-8186 or berginc@comcast.net or Livia Gatti 301-469-6552 or liviangatti@aol.com for more information.

Gabriel Project:  The Gabriel Project is national network of churches, including St. Bartholomew, that assists women and families who are challenged with unexpected pregnancies. Many pregnant women feel forced into obtaining an abortion by their life circumstances or influential loved ones. Many are made to believe that parenting their children or giving them up for adoption is irresponsible.  The Gabriel Project seeks to help these women make the choice for life by providing practical, emotional, and spiritual mentoring and assistance both during and after their pregnancies.  Expectant mothers are connected with Gabriel Project volunteers in one of two ways -- occassionally, a mother will call the parish directly after she has seen the Gabriel Project sign near the entrance of the church, but most often, we the Gabriel Network receives a call from an expectant mother via their 24-hour hotline, 1800-ANGEL-OK, and passes on her information to our Gabriel Project coorinator. The coordinator asks one of our volunteers to be the mother's "Angel Friend". This volunteer mentors the expectant mother and visits her to see what she might need and to offer emotional, moral, and spiritual support.  If you would like to know more about our response at St Bart’s, contact Selma DeLeon at deleonselma@gmail.com.  For more information about the Angel Frien program, contact Jacqueline Johnson at 1800-ANGEL-OK or jacqueline.johnson@gabrielnetwork.org. For more information about Gabriel Network, visit here.

Ignatian Volunteer Corps 
The Ignatian Volunteer Corps (IVC) is a national organization that allows mature adults to use their skills, talents, and life-experiencs in ways that materially benefit the poor or address issues related to poverty.  Currently, the IVC's DC/Metro MD Region partners with multiple agencies that directly serve the poor or advocate for them, such as local community agencies or programs that provide housing/shelter, meals, emergency assistance, education, job training, child care, immigrant/refugee services, health care, hospice care, counseling, and  personal support for children, families, and adults who are poor or marginalized. The IVC meets locally the 1st Thursday of the month. Five parishioners are active in the IVC at various sites in the DC metro area:  Nancy Brouillard McKenzie, Julie Panaro, Ahme Stone, Tom Carty, and Chris Smith.  If you are interested in learning more about the IVC, contact the IVC's Regional Director, Mike Goggin, at 202-277-4447 or mgoggin@ivcusa.org.

Respect for Life
St. Bartholomew Parish is committed to respecting human life at all its stages, from conception to natural death. The Respect for Life ministry is forming and would welcome your contribution. Please contact the rectory at 301-229-7933 if you are interested in working on this important ministry.


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Mission Statement

We welcome all to the St. Bartholomew parish community. We strive to live a sacramental life centered on the Eucharist, committed to living and spreading the message of Jesus Christ through worship, education, service, faithful witness and careful stewardship.


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Prayer of wonder

My sweet Lord...your Son went down from the heights of his divinity to the depths of our humanity. Can anyone's heart remain closed and hardened after this? We image your divinity, but you image our humanity in that union of the two which you have worked in a man. You have veiled the Godhead in a cloud, in the clay of our humanity. Only your love could so dignify the flesh of Adam. And so by reason of this immeasurable Love I beg, with all my strength, that you freely extend your mercy to all your lowly creatures. Amen.

-St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380)

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